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December 26, 2010

testing windows live writer


MY Blog

December 22, 2010

If you think it sucks, you can leave.

If you diaggree with me, you can be wrong.

If you are offended, tough shit

If you are an asshole, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass.

and finally, If you think it’s not funny. You can suck my dick.

my story

September 11, 2010

I often wonder, out loud, what story children will tell themselves about their childhood.

But really, I’m not that interested in what other’s children think of their parents> All I really want to know is what story MY children will tell about their childhood. It is completely narcissistic. I want to know what my character looks like in their memoirs.

Will the title of Ay’s autobiography be ” My life as a drug fiends/chronic slut/hippie pagan’s child”

I tried 3 different ways to write that

Or will she write “Saint’s Daughter”

Or “Jesus Saves Pagans”

When my heart is weighed with a feather, will the good I have done, outweigh the bad?

I want to know how history remembers me.

Maybe not really narcissistic, because what I really I want to know how my children as adults see themselves when they look in the mirror.

I want to know that they are healthy because of or in spite of me. Either one will do, so long as they see themselves as whole.

Arrested at NOM anti-gay rally

July 23, 2010

This is what happened. I accidentally wandered into the NOM side of the protest. Seeing some opportunity for amusement, I wandered around inside the barricades shaking hands and introducing my self as a homosexual. One older man got upset and grabbed me and tried to wrestle me away, the cops told me to go behind the barricade and i did. Then the cops told me to leave and I refused. They dragged me away, cuffed and charged me with disorderly conduct and obstructing. I cooperated once arrested. I need ANY AND ALL pics and videos, to prove I was shaking hands, not “grabbing arms” please repost!

To clarify” I parked in the parking garage and was unsure which side of the statehouse I need to be. There were NO barricades the way I entered. I didn’t actually realize I was in NOM territory until I noticed the logo on the podium.

p.s absolutely nothing happened to the old man who grappled with me, but i think they recorded me cussing at him to GTFO me, unfortunately. I am truly sorry if my um..unrestrained comments while being assaulted are used in a way that is detrimental to the cause. The fact is I am woman, 5’0 and there was a man grabbing and grappling with me and police yelling at me. I was scared and angry.

p.p.sYes, It wasn’t premeditated. I have done many many protests and actions over the years, but really this time I just wandered into the wrong side and decided to run with it. I can’t let anyone go through their life saying they haven’t met a queer. It’s kind of my policy. So I started shaking hands.
Putting myself in the public eye doesn’t scare me a bit. I am who I am.
I refuse to be afraid and unlike the anonymous donors to Prop 8 and other hate legislation, I am true enough to my beliefs to put my real name on them.
My name is Holly Hahn. I am a lesbian. I am not scared of police, social disapproval or bigots stalking me.
I believe that the time for Mr/s Nice Gay is over. I’m tired of endless attacks against our lives. I don’t want them to feel safe behind the barricade- why should they get the privilege of feeling safe when their words or hate make our brothers and sisters UNsafe?
I will cross barricades again, and I am hoping to organize a courthouse sit in on my court date

what if there isn’t a healthcare crisis?

February 20, 2010

what if we aren’t having a healthcare crisis? What if we are having an economy shift from valuing shiny objects i.e the gold standard into an economy based on human health. That actually makes more objective sense than the gold standard, the focus being shiny thing=value to the focus becoming human health and well being = value. The main characteristics of a monetary base are utility, objective value, portability. What if the new “gold” standard is the drugs we are all dependent upon? What is insulin worth to a diabetic? More than gold? ? What about chemo if your mother has cancer? What are antidepressants worth to you? What if this is the next logical and positivel evolution of humankind, to be more concerned with their own health than hoarding shiny things? hmmm….

off the grid: a slightly manic diatribe about the supreme court and my future plans

January 22, 2010

I’m so appalled at this.

They are already corporate puppets, this just makes it clear that no one really cares.

So, how do you live outside the system?

Can you live your life in such a way that the government doesn’t matter?

Work under the table.Don’t get married.  Don’t pay taxes. Trade goods and services. We need to invent a new economy, now and take our country back from the fairy dust they call money. Money isn’t power. Knowledge is power.

Clap if you believe this piece of paper has true value!

When everyone stops believing in it, then what? As we become aware of the constant assault on our minds from corporations, we also become numb to it. This can’t go on forever.

Oh wait, yes it can. The undereducated people breed more, and faster pumping out little consumers.

Dear Goddess,
I’ve been a good mommy for 12 years now. I’ve got 10 more before I can go live in my van again. I was ready for the revolution when I was 18. Hopefully, I’m still ready, but…can we just hold things together till I can get back off the grid? 2020 here i come.

it’ll be so empty without me.

January 17, 2010

I worked st the store from the last week of September and now I sadly find myself unemployed again…the last 2 months have been…entertaining.

Now that I can’t  lose m job for revealing the secrets of m work[lace, I can tell the story, all the sex, drugs a  ridiclosness

i can’t wait…