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My temple

October 6, 2008

Someday, I will have a church. It has been my dream for many years to found my own church in the city. We have Lothlorien in Indiana that is the most beautiful community, but nothing like this in Ohio.  This is just a sketch of my dream

Holy Order of Mother Earth;

Our Lady of Te’Sorthene parish

This is what it should look like

  • The temple will be a house, in a residential neighborhood on a busline.
  •  A 2 story house with the bottom living area walls broken down so it is just a large room that can be used for meetings. weddings or funerals. I want the walls lined with books available to borrow or read.
  •  It should have a large yard with space for a food and herb garden, a beautiful large outdoor altar, and a place for outdoor weddings and rituals
  •  the upstairs to be an office, and at least one guest room that could be a birthing room, and one room that could be a meditation or small group chapel, or counselling room.
  • The kitchen to be fully functional and many folding tables and chairs so we can feed as many people as we need to.
  • The basement should be lined with shelves and can be stocked as a food pantry.

Every full moon we meet for the evening or afternoon, not to be preached at, but for a meal, for working in the garden for talking and prayer. If someone has thoughts to share they can talk to the group. We check in with each other and fill what needs to be filled. We reach out and help those that need, whomever they are.

This is just the start of my vision, but I can see it so clearly..more later on the spirital principles.

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