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Obama walks on water in Columbus

October 11, 2008


Friday morning on the way to work Gabby stopped me and said- Hey, Anne has tickets to see Obama today, here in Columbus. At first I was doubtful, I didn’t wasnt to go stand in the sun 10 miles back but she assured me that these were real tickets, that we would be down front.

Omg. Suddenly I am so excited. I run to work and tell her if she really gets the tickets to call me and I will run out of there. I am at work for an hour, and I get the call. It’s on, she has 3 tickets, one for Jules too. I tell , my boss, Um- hey, sorry but I am so out of here. I get to see obama today. She wasn’t thrilled but understood. My office is pretty solidly for Obama, as anyone in non profit would be, We depend on the economy being good and people feeling calm about their finances for our existence.

SO I ran home and on the way thought about taking my kids. I immediately decided not to take my daughter as she is too young to really appreciate the history, but my son is 11 and very smart. We have been talking a lot about the election and what it means to us and our family. I stopped by the democratic office and begged another ticket for my boy, then I went to his school to grab him out of class. His eyes were so big when he got to the office, he thought he was in trouble or something. When I told him, he was ecstatic.

We met up and then piled in the car, drove downtown and the city was bursting. Thousands of people lining the streets, Soon we found the line, literally stretching 4 blocks away from the venue. People selling Obama buttons and tee shirts. I don’t know how this sounds, but I am going to say it anyway and I am sorry if I offend anyone. One of the things that struck me about the crowd was the black people. Or African Americans, if you will. I have never. Never. in my life seen so many people of that race in one place so happy, and so proud.

When I am in a crowd I like to unfocus my rational brain and let my ‘spidey senses take over’,  occasionally, this extra sense allows me to feel the mood of the crowd and identify people who are dangerous to me or my family. Whether or not you believe in it, I know it’s a fact and t has saved my ass many times. I see people who are terribly angry unhinged or dangerous as having sort of a distorted noise in the music that is a crowd of people. There was nobody. Everyone in the crowd had peace and pride on their mind. There were a few petty criminals, and amusingly a pickpocket that was working the crowd. He looked me over but somehow couldn’t get behind me or any of my friends and then gave up. haha. Don’t fuck with a psychic. but nothing serious.

The platform was set up right next to the river, the podium and a small set of bleachers was backed up against the river downtown, on the new Cosi’s back yard area. We were between the building and the river. A parde of various governmental guys spoke for a while, they all came from this lane beside Cosi that was blocked off and full of secret service guys. All the speakers came from that direction so people were looking that way for Obama, but suddenly, he came from the river- he apparently strolled over the Scioto river from downtown. My friend Will keeps telling me there is a small car lane and steps right down by the river, that Obama’s car must have driven down there and he came up behind it on the stairs, but I prefer the image of him strolling down the Scioto river.

Obama is an amazing speaker, teleprompter and all. He told a funny story about pie. And he said something I didn’t think any politician would have the guts to say. He said, he and Governor Strickland wanted some pie, so he went to this diner in a small town in Ohio. The waitresses wanted a picture and told him that the owner was a diehard republican. The owner brought out the pie and Obama asked him, I hear you are a diehard republican. The man said yes I am. Obama said, how’s business? The owner said, not good. Obama said, who has been in charge for 8 years? Who has been in charge in the senate for 6 of those years? Republicans, the owner said. Obama said, how long are you gonna beat your head against the wall until you decide it hurts? I only get 4 years, how about you give me a try- how much worse could it get??

hahahaha. Awesome. That should be his campaign slogan. How much worse could it get, seriously??

Obama makes me think of Kennedy. He is a great speaker, and his administration represents a blow to the hate and fear that the repukeigans are so good at. People at this rally did not chant “terrorist”; and “kill him” as they do at the republican rallies. They chanted, HOPE BEATS FEAR


They believed it, and in this day and age, thats amazing.

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