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door knockers

October 14, 2008

seriously I am getting to the point wehere I want to go around and bang on doors with McCain signs and go WTF??

Hey, I am your neighbor and I always thought you were nice enough but now I see you have a Mcain sign. Are you stupid? I’m just askin. Do you hate the gays? Are you a anti choice nutjob and thinks 12 year olds should be forced to have babies conceived in rape?  Do you think he’s an arab? Or are you just treating it like a football game and the Repubs are your team?

This is not a recommended strategy to persuade voters. I know. but I am a little tired of discourse when the choice is good and evil. Hope vs Hate, and giving equal time to lies vs truth. Obama may not be perfect bu damn. At least he’s in the ballpark.

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