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Dear Te`sorthene

October 20, 2008

Te`sorthene, chosen family by blood and loyalty,


We are 15 days out from the election. If you ever wondered what the atmosphere was before the civil war set ‘brother against brother’ –well, now you know. It feels like this.

It feels like we are hanging on to civilization with our fingernails. I want to write you, my chosen family to ask that you indulge my ramblings a little and hear me out.


When I was about 17, I started having vivid dreams and visions of anarchy. I would be looking at a building, and seeing it simultaneously in the present and in some violent future. I could see broken windows and destruction everywhere I looked. At the time my dreams, seemed much more real than the calm suburban waking life I led. I was very depressed. It seemed pointless to finish school, to go to college, largely because I felt these visions were telling me it wouldn’t matter anyway. That my world that I conscientiously prepared for would not exist any way by the time I got to enjoy it. I read the anarchists cookbook cover to cover. I read survival manuals and strategies. I took karate, anything to prepare myself to survive this coming disaster.


As I grew older the visions faded and eventually they were a distant memory. I truly believed after a while that all these dreams and visions were just my adolescent brain worrying; maybe about being gay, maybe my parents divorce, maybe fueled by Sarah Connor in the Terminator lust. Just a kid trying to come to grips with my place in the world.


The day I watched that video of Sarah Palin being protected against withcraft during her campaign for governor by that witch hunter preacher friend of hers, the visions came back in full force. That night I had one of the dreams from so long ago, and now if I don’t concentrate I can see both the present and the destruction in the future when I look at buildings. (I don’t know why buildings and not people, maybe because they don’t move around much, their energy is static? )


I got chills when I heard this self proclaimed “witch hunter” talking about how evangelicals have “infiltrated” the very highest levels of the media and of the government; how many senators are ‘with them’ It occurred to me then that she isn’t just “Caribou Barbie” She is only empty in the sense a Trojan horse is empty. She is their poisonous foothold in the highest office.


You MUST understand that these evangelical fundamentalist Christians are not halfway about anything. I voraciously read many Christian Reconstructionist, fundamentalist and evangelical websites; They aren’t kidding. they really really speak in tongues and roll around on the floor in the wilder churches. In the calmer churches, they speak of their plans to actually return this country to it’s Christian roots and purge the wickedness. To return to God’s law. They aren’t kidding. They aren’t beholden to the current laws of man because they are secular and wicked. They welcome the idea of heaven. They have been telling us for years that their goal was to retake the country and even now they are crowing about how things are going to change when she is in office. Michelle Bachmann a republican congress person said right out loud on the airwaves she thinks many of our officials should be investigated for anti American activities. Sarah Palin refers to pro-american parts of the country. We are flooded with so much information and intimidated by false threats of terrorism, we are failing to see a real plot, not even a secret plot. There is no Illuminati in a cave somewhere, no crop circles or little green men. This element in the US has stated the goals and the means, and they have made great strides in their campaign. If they had dark skin, Sarah and Todd and their secessionist buddies would already be at Guantonamo for plotting to overthrow the government.


The election is very close. We are making a fundamental choice not in candidates, but in whether or not we want to live in a theocracy. McCain is an old man. It’s not an idle threat. I will ask you to think about a couple scenarios post election


  1. Obama wins by a landslide and there is much rejoicing and a peaceful transition of power. This is the only positive scenario
  2. The race is razor thin and we go to endless vote recounts and lawyers like 2000. The period of time between election day and the day the winner is announced will freeze all the world markets. Prices of everything will skyrocket while the world hold it’s breath
    1. If it is very close and they give it to McCain, look for riots in the inner cities, urban areas, poor areas, college campuses, especially in ‘purple’ states as people find out for sure what they always expected- that the game is fixed. For a lot of people this will be the last straw. They will have nothing left to lose. Look areas being declared under martial law. Martial law is a blank check for the new government to finish the job of dismantling the constitution they started with the patriot act.
    2. If it’s very close and they give it to Obama, we will get some very scary people and attempts on his life. Look for Timothy McVeigh to become a role model for a new model of domestic terrorists. Look for burning crosses on lawns, new highs in gay bashing. etc etc.


OK, now that you know where my head is, I am going to ask you do a couple things.


  1. Get a passport. Find a friend in Canada. If you are a freak like me, you may end up fleeing for your lives.
  2. Hoard food, water and gasoline. Firewood and a means to burn it. Lighters. Propane.
  3. Get books on survival in urban areas, don’t rely on the internet for this information. You may not have electricity. Get a radio that runs on batteries.
  4. Stock up on batteries and AC/DC adapters. When paper money is useless, batteries may start looking like currency.
  5. stock up on prescription drugs you need to live. stock up on prescription drugs and otherwise you don’t need to trade when the dollar collapses. Also liquor
  6. Water.
  7. Water.
  8. Water.
  9. Consider buying a gun. Seriously. Yes, I said that. The last time we had a civil war, both sides were armed. Think about it, how many liberals do you know have a gun? How many wingnuts? It’s gonna be a short war if the people defending freedom are unarmed.
  10. Just take threats seriously. Hopefully I am off my rocker. I pray I am not psychic, just paranoid. Pray for your country to lift itself from this downward spiral into war. Join us on the 28th for prayer, email or comment for details. Feel free to come over on the 5th to talk if things are ugly.


I will be holed up in my bunker, i suggest you knock. 😉


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