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proposition 8 and my family

November 7, 2008
Last night we had a bonfire with *te’sorthene and as we wound down in the dark and people were leaving, my daughter snuggled between Julie and myself under a blanket by the fire.
She looked up at me by the firelight and hugged us both and said

” I love snuggling between you, I feel so much warm and love right here, it’s like you are two big pillows”

In California, they had commercials featuring sad damaged children about how they must protect children from families like mine.

It was a joyful moment, but thinking about the implications in the cold light of today is very bittersweet.

*te’sorthene is a Rom word meaning ‘clan, chosen family, spirit friends’ I discovered this word while reading a Rom/English dictionary and realized it was a word I needed to describe my extended family/friend gatherings

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