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November 9, 2008

Here’s the thing that I hope NO one forgets.

All these staffers, there people that are saying these horrible things about Palin:

They knew these things,( i.e didn’t know Africa was a continent etc, just google it.) for a fact because presumably they were there.

The man who was running for president was statistically likely to be dead within 2 years.

If the campaign was run better, who knows what could have happened?

These staffers worked their ass off to get her elected, despite knowing firsthand that she was dangerously unready to be president. If they believed she was a good candidate and worked hard for her, that’s great, that’s their job. Despite my opinion that she’s an idiot- well, my opinion is expressed in the voting booth, it doesn’t matter, except collectively. It doesn’t make me think any less of Palin. But she’s just ignorant and mean. She believes in herself, for what it’s worth.
But now, to go to the news outlets and smear her, to slap your country in the face with the fact that you were trying to bullshit us and you KNEW she was unready. … this is disgraceful.

They knew, and worked for her to get elected anyway. What does THAT say about country first? Put your self in their position. You are a salesman, a marketer. Your product is the leader of your country. What mental contortions must you go to, what treasonous process in your own head to convince yourself that what you are doing is RIGHT to fool an electorate into buying a candidate that is so ignorant as to be dangerous? Where is your integrity? your HONOR? Your sense of duty to your country?

Please, stop you vile turning worms. I don’t want to hear your cynical tales of your own treachery.

And PLEASE don’t make me feel sorry for Gov Palin. It makes my head explode.

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  1. November 11, 2008 2:33 pm

    “But now, to go to the news outlets and smear her, to slap your country in the face with the fact that you were trying to bullshit us”

    It’s called “their 15 minutes of fame”. You are correct in assuming that if they had any ethical scruples they would have left the campaign. That also assumes that they could afford to be without a job. I’m just glad that they didn’t win because sure as hell, they would be in the White House with her.

    I am a marketing person, so are they. I get paid (or did) to find the best feature/benefit of the product and to make it very public. So did they (we won’t touch on tearing the other product down so your product looks better…). I wouldn’t/couldn’t work for an insurance company, certain kinds of developers, or a drug company. It’s a personal choice; they are not all unethical, I just have a problem with the standard way they operate, or their ultimate goals (I think drug companies and insurance companies fuel fear for profit and I think some developers don’t consider the human/intellectual/emotional cost of their projects) I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I made my living contributing to their bottom line.

    Politcal campaigns feed on young idealist people. They chew them up and spit them out. It’s too bad. I’m sure many of the people who worked on her campaign were “true believers”. Chances are they are not the ones you are seeing and hearing about now. Those poor kids are back to searching for something to believe in. In my opinion, the bunch in the limelight right now, planned to do exactly what they are doing from the very start.

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