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I left my heart in Clumbus, but I am going to San Francisco

January 9, 2009

On my way to the airport- I am going to california for the first time in my life. SAN FRANSISCO! I am super excited but, as we all know I am not the most easy going traveller. In fact I am freaking the hell out right now, because it is snowing and I am afraid I am going to get stuck in Chicago. arrrgh. It’s not flying that freaks me out, (it’s crashing into the ground!) nah- it’s just travelling- being away from home, not sleeping in my own bed, getting raped and murdered and killed by terrorists- ya know, that kinda thing. For some reason I have always lived under the impression that columbus (or Ohio, except for Cincy) is sort of a safe zone- that no boogie man can get me as long as I don’t leave the state. ( or go to cincy) This is somewhat irrational,  but on the rational side- hardly anything ever happens in Columbus. It’s big enough to be interesting, but boring enough that no one bombs it or hates it much. No big mountains to fall on it, no big water to hurricane, no weird snakes or bears, and I know it well enough to not accidentally wander into parts of town where I am not welcome. (like anywhere outside the outerbelt)

Amyway, I am fond of saying I travel like a linen suit- not well.
Wish me luck- and with enough prescription help and a cocktail, my flight should be uneventful and relaxing and definitely un-memorable, for me anyway
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  1. Hurricaine Jane permalink
    January 9, 2009 7:37 pm

    So of course the first thing I do is text you with a mini crisis. One of your kids was freaking out about one of the cats (Edna) being outside. She could DIEEEEEEEEEE! For the record, I saved the day within minutes by bravely going down to your house and using my key to open the door and let Edna in. Whew! I am a super amazon fa real!!! 🙂

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