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update from SF

January 13, 2009

-palm trees. seriously I had no idea there were real palm trees here, just hanging around in parks and on the streets like ‘ho hum I’m just a palm tree, no big deal’ What?? this is tripping me out

– people- i just figured out what ‘style’ I am trying to embody, i.e. I don’t dress like a loon, I have a San Francisco aesthetic. This makes me happy. approx 90% of everyone here dresses like a 4 year old ” lets see- today i want to wear my…tiara, green, shirt and my spider man pajamas. And a tutu. Perfect!”

– scenery. wow. just wow. although i would never in life drive in a city where the streets are at a 45 degree angle straight up. on the downhill runs in a cab I kept putting my arms in the air like a rollercoaster…wheee!

– I have officially seen both Haight-Ashbury and Castro. Castro is very very gay male oriented, hardly any women. includes a restaraunt called “the sausage factory” LOL

– we experienced some harassment- some gross little man getting into our space and making disgusting comments about our sexual preferences at a bus stop, which Julie dealt with in her way, and I dealt with in mine šŸ™‚ MOre on that later,,.

LOVE this city, love it more later

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  1. January 14, 2009 10:40 am

    you are such a dweeb!!! LOLOL
    Love it.

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