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ding dong the witch is dead

January 18, 2009

I have been really sick with a cold turned martian death flu, and have been even more lethargic than usual. I am starting to perk up a bit but my passtime of choice is reading.  I am a ‘natural’ speed reader, one of the only favorable quirks of brain chemistry/development I posess. As a teenager I could read 500+ wpm with literally photographic recall and perfect comprehension.  Think Harry Potter 7 in 5 ish hours. ( of course slower for more difficult reads, I just chose that one because everyone has read it, and I happened to remember how long it took me)  The first time I ever knew the way I read was different, was when I was about 9 and I was reading an Erma Bombeck book at the dining room table. Suddenly mom snatched it away. I look up at her- I wasn’t even aware of her presence* She held the book away from my grabbing and starting quizzing me on what I had read.  Hostilely at first, then with increasing incredulity as I quoted line after line AND explained what it meant. Very soon after I was IQ tested, and declared -god forbid- gifted. Now that I am an adult, post brain injury, my comprehension has suffered a bit, as has my memory. Fortunately, I could spare a few IQ points when I had my car accident. Where I was a bit of a savant of a child, I am now merely bright.

 Of course my brain is as hopeless at math as it is amazing at reading. Spatially I am functionally illiterate. I cannot parallel park, (no seriously- I am comically bad at parking.I did not get my drivers license till I was 20 because I failed my drivers test 7 times-all parking, and really only passed by a fluke. ) could no more solve a Rubix Cube than fly, and can’t be in charge of rearranging furniture. I mix up numbers when doing simple arithmetic and can only do long division with a calcluator.  I completly understand advanced concepts in math but cannot add and subtract reliably.

 Damn. I forget what my original idea was and started to think about brain chemistry again.


OH yeah, the title. The inauguration! ANYWAY. I have been reading the entire internets while I have been sick and I am slightly sorry for Bush. There are sooooo many festivities this week, so many history making concerts, parades etc that it was styled by a blogger as a ‘gloatfest’. WHich I think is unfair..but..Dubya has got to feel a little bad that the whole country is basically singing DING DONG the witch is DEAD and dancing around his prone body like Munchkins. I seriously hope we aren’t all setting the Great Black Hope (yeah, I said it) up for failure. I also hope and pray that security is extremely tight in Washington and that no nutjobs make this a tragic moment for our country.


right, this blog makes LOTS of sense. Ok whatever, I woke up at 430am. I’ll fix it later.






-*classic ADD child, complete inability to regulate my attention- contrary to popular belief, ADD doesn’t necessarily mean lack of attention, it means too much or too little attention the the proper stimuli. Ask any mother of a child with ADD about their laserlike focus on some things, and inability to focus on others.  – As an adult pNow that I have access to internet at decent speeds I

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