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Lucky Charms

February 10, 2009

I love lucky charms. I won’t deny it. I will eat a whole box if given the opportunity. I will sit down and eat bowl after bowl of the sugary crunchy delicious marshmallows until I am ill. Then, when I can’t eat any more I will reach into the box and fish out the marshmallows and eat them dry. For obvious reasons, I buy a box maybe 3 times a year. When I was little, my mom would go nuts when I would eat the marshmallows out of the box, so I would sneak them. I consider buying and eating my OWN DAMN BOX of lucky charms one of the rare pleasures of adulthood like sex and drinking. So imagine my chagrin when my KIDS start giving me shit about eating lucky charms. Once, it was just a sign on the box in childish scrawl “NO MOMMY NO” now it’s a skull and crossbones sign. But today I got out a bowl and was going to have ONE BOWL for an afternoon scack and BOTH kids started in on me “don’t eat our cereal, that’s our breakfast, we don’t have anything else to eat”..whine whine First of all, they have all KINDS of other cereal, not to mention oatmeal eggs, toast and fruit for breakfast. In no way will they starve. Second of all, I BOUGHT THE DAMN CEREAL WITH MY OWN MONEY, and third- refer to the second. I am a grownup. It’s mine I bought it, and I will eat the damn marshmallows out of it if I want to. Dammit. Are there not worse crimes in the world??

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  1. February 11, 2009 1:06 pm

    A SKULL AND CROSSBONES!!!!! OMG!!! Do you have any idea how much I love this!!!!!

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