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officially a tween- subtitle, ‘Damn I’m good’

February 12, 2009

Heard over dinner:


“mom what’s porn??”

less than 30 seconds it took me to come up with this response:

“video or still images depicting sexual activity”

“Why do you not like DARE programs?”

‘Because they classify all drugs as equally dangerous and do not give accurate or common sense information. The govt’s war on drugs is essentially a racist war againsrt it’s own people and should end. Please feel free to diregard what you hear in those programs and ask me, I will tell you the whole truth.’ **

I am GOOD. Any question these kids throw at me, I can answer in 2 sentences, in 30 seconds flat. This is sometimes, I think, the only thing I do right.  


**Yeah, I said it. I would rather my kid hear a GOOD reason not to smoke pot i.e. testicular cancer, growing boobs- than a stupid one from a stranger in a uniform.. I.e. ONE PUFF AND YOU’LL DIE and KILL YOUR FRIENDS. If I don’t even tell my kids abuot Santa CLaus, why would I bullshit them about that?? What happens the first time they try it and don’t die? Then they’ll think everything else they learned in DARE is bs too. Like warnings against crack etc. Which is kinda important, and yeah there is a difference.

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