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event debriefing

February 23, 2009

So my big event was Saturday night, 800 people for dinner and a program and a silent auction. 80 volunteers, mostly total strangers staffing the event. The event planners mostly are done when the event starts= there isn’t much more they can do bit roll with the punches after the gun goes off.  I have to say they do a job I could not do. I would cut a bitch at some point during the evening, but despite their extreme youth they are solid as rocks. It truly is amazing.

A couple highlights from my perspective:

i was late. a bit of traffic, but mostly because my dress fucking VANISHED right before the event. Seriously. I had found it the day before and hung it up but when I went to get it, it was gone. Just gone. We tore the house apart- my memory is so bad, I can never be certain that I did what I thought i did. By the time I left in a different dress, I was bawling my eyes out ( I highly recommend max factor mascara, if you are in the habit of bawling your eyes out)

My hair was 1940s victory rolls again, and looked pretty cool. I may have a pic, but i don’t have one yet. My dress was purple velvet, pretty ok.  I was the only one in attendance with visible significant tattoos. I was supposed to cover them but the shawl kept falling off and driving me nuts so I ditched it. O well. No one bitched me out, yet.

Babydaddy was in attendance with his quite lovely and very sweet new gf. She seems terribly sane. I wonder how long she’ll stick around.

Babydaddy’s evil lawyer was also in attendance. I greeted him and then slipped him a rufie and sent him home with a drag queen and a video camera. I wish.

I introduced myself to a couple guys, the first says “my name is greg blah blah blah, nice to meet you” The second, just shook my hand and said “hi” I said..and you are? The men exchanged glances and he said “I’m Craig Krenzel” I said “Nice to meet you” and walked away. The name rang a vague bell so I finally asked someone if he was a board member or something. They said..uh NO he’s a famous football player. Oh. Well, that would explain why he thought he needed no introduction, but clearly had no idea who he was. Not a big Buckeye fan, me.

The night went fairly smoothly, but damn that takes a lot out of me. The room seats 1000 for dinner, and I walked across it, back and forth, for 7 hours in heels. My feet and hips are in agony, and my wrists got jealous so they decided to act up too. my body hurts so bad. I slept yesterday from 3pm all the way to this AM and I intend to go to bed at 8 tonight as well.

as a postscript, I got a call to pick up an ex in the ER on Sunday am at 7- she was apparently slipped a rufie while out drinking and was taken  from laying on the sidewalk in 10 degree weather to the ER. So kids, watch your drinks!

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  1. February 24, 2009 9:54 am

    Sounds like a success. Hope so. Did you wear your new hat???

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