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Sign of the apocalypse

April 7, 2009


 a sign of the apocalypse is the ability for me to speak directly to a computer and have text, on the other end.  The folder my ability to mindlessly fill the area with the gory details of my life was limited by the pain in my hands from rheumatoid arthritis but now…  There’s no stopping me

Instead of spending $300 I’ve found that windows actually has a program that does what I needed to do and need to be able to talk to the computer when my hands hurt so I don’t have to type.  I type this entire paragraph without using my keyboard including the punctuation the paragraphs the line breaks and moving around the words.  I’m finding this very helpful when children think it’s very amusing and I am concerned but a talk a lot anyway and my constant battling to the computer may push julie over the edge that are there had been some extremely amusing substitutions including an anarchy he army and stop out lama for various words when dictating but all in all the free program that is embedded in the Exe P is pretty cool now I am going to try to copy and paste this into a blob note I hadn’t looked at it and I’m not going to correct it so let’s experiment!

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