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Free cat to a bad home.

April 18, 2009
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Well, let me tell you.

My F**king CAT. That’s why. Shizzle is a very communicative cat, he yowls all day to tell you what he wants. In his old age he has gotten progressively more obnoxious. Now he compalins, not only if there isn’t food in the bowl- but if it isn’t fresh enough. He will bitch and moan until you refresh the kibble in his bowl- I can get away with as few as 3 new pieces before he is satisfied.
Last night and this morning, he has taken it to a new level of obnoxious. Last night as I was tring ti get to sleep, he sat by my head occasionally meowing and purring and staring fixedly at me. Just as I was drifiting off to sleep he started pawing at the blankets, so I lifted them to let him in. Loud purss and I am drifting…suddenly I swear to gods that cat BITES ME ON THE ASS. I jump out of skin and, cussing walk all over th house with him doing the “WTF is it Lassie? WTF do you WANT FROM ME??” I refresh his kibble and go back to bed.
5AM and he’s back, purrrrrrr, stomp stomp stomp.. In my sleep i pet him a little and turn over. He claws at my hair, I ignore him. He sits bhind my head on my hair, purring loudly, and reaches over my face. Poke poke. I still sleep. POKE POKE on my cheek. Dig at the blankets. Mrrrrw? Poke. Wtf do you want? Poke. A paw reaches out, and ever so carefully sticks one claw UP MY NOSE and pulls.. OWWW!!! G*Dammit Mother *FKing CAT




I get out of bed and he leaps ahead of me showing me the way, now I am thorouhly awake so I follow Lassie from Hell downstairs to see if Timmy is caught in the well or something, but NO. His majesty would like his kibble freshened up, and then outide kthxbai.

omg, 5AM on a Saturday?? are you serious. Next time you come over there is going to be a very small throw rug on my floor

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