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ghosts of hippies past…

June 2, 2009

I was born in 1973, to a single mom. My mom had been briefly married to a man, and despite being pronounced sterile, she got a mysterious swelling in the belly region. She felt awful, and went to her doc afraid she was dying- the doc says, ” so what are you going to name your tumor?” (For the purposes of this story we will call my sperm donor Two; it will become apparent why in a moment. )

Mr. Two was…not pleased is the best I can do here without airing mom’s dirty laundry and she left Lousiana and went home. She had me, lived with her parents and went to school. She met a nice teacher there, married him and he adopted me, the poor fatherless wretch that I am. When I was 6 months old, Mr. Two came to Ohio to collect his ‘son’ but mom met him in the driveway, explained that “Michael” was stillborn. He went on his way and was never seen again. I never met him, he has no idea i exist. My last name changed when I was adopted and that was that.

Yesterday, I was reading something and saw a last name similar to my birth name in an article. So I did a little internet snooping and found an obit for what was certainly my grandmother. Her husband had the same name, and the obit also had city and state for her surviving son.
and then…I kept coming up with another man, with the same name, same spelling. (which is very unusual) but this man was only a few years older than me. After talking to my mom, I guess that this man was Three, my half brother.
So I found him on FB and emailed him asking if I could ask a few questions.

I talked to him this morning, I really didn’t know how to drop this info on his head. I asked if he knew his dad, or knew much about him. He didn’t really, and I guessed “Because your dad ran out on your mom when you were little?” I think he was a bit weirded out by this, so I finally just told him- I am your half sister. See, he is older than me- his dad would have to have run out for me to exist. Talked to him this morning, hopefully more later. But it’s confirmed with names/dates/etc. So ..?

So yeah, this story is just starting, but wow…

The biggest news is that there are others- other half siblings. At least 2-3 more.

Two must have been one smooth talkin dude.

I think we should round up all the sibs and film a PSA about condom use.
The scene: a creepy foggy night
The house is surrounded by men and women who vaguely resemble each other.
The front ddoor creaks open and an old man peers out.
The ring of people closes in saying Daddy Daaaaaddddy DAAAADDDYY…the old man flees into the night screaming Noooooooo!!!! I should have used a condom!!!!!

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