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Catching the homo

June 11, 2009

I just twittered a link of the Day about the advances in neuroscience that have been made in regards to proving that being homo is NOT a choice, it’s a chemical thing and we can’t help it.
I see all these studies, and all this fascinating research and honestly it makes me cringe. I don’t want to know that sexuality is predetermined, even partially.
On one hand, it would make everything so much easier. I was born this way- Its not in my hands. I’m bald or I have blue eyes, it just IS. On the other hand, I wish in a visceral way they would stop even trying to find a ‘reason’.
I want it to be a choice, so as a culture we actually asre forced to confront the judeo christian/american conflict and err on the side of reason. I want the US as a country to have to look at it’s people and it’s laws and put the rules of 2000 years ago aside in favor of reason, compassion and freedom.
I don’t know, I resist the inquiry of science int o this. But.. but.. I know people that have been very close to me that were never in any doubt about their homosexuality. Shannon (RIP) ‘looked’ queer as hell, at 8. My friend N., my mom called him out when he was 11. It just was a part of their character.  How much easier would their lives have been if that was ‘ok’. I have always maintained it was a choice for me, but then I look at my ‘digit ratio’ and it shows (i think) clear markers for the ghey.
I guess I worry that after finding a cause, they will want to find a cure. But what a huge loss to civilization that would be! Is it wrong to wish they would just not be in such a rush to figure it out? I would rather they wait until more people would no more consider ‘curing’ homosexuality than ‘curing’ blue eyes.


Honestly, I would like the bigots to choke on my choice, before giving anyone an opportunity for pity.

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