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July 10, 2009

Just had a fascinating conversation with the kiddos about family. We are a quintessentially 21st century family. My kids have 2 different dads, a gay mom, a gramma who won’t marry her longtime manfriend, various exes of mine that are considered Aunties and Uncles…

So Zilla asks me a simple question, “what is Rich to me?”

Now Rich, usually referred to in my blogs as babydaddy1, is a dear friend, an ex and the father of my son. In other words- He is *no relation* to my daughter.

But, that doesn’t make sense to our hearts, and from that question we explore the rest of our family. We talk about our innovation; I have recently discovered I have approx 13 half sibs. Technically, there are just as much relation to me as my son and daughter are to each other…but i have never met any of them, only spoken to one, once on the phone.. are those relationships equal? Of course not. Somewhere out there. I have never met her, never seen her- she has the same she my sister, is she your Aunt or is Gabby? Gabby is! Julie and I aren’t married; she is *no relation* to my children…does she feel like a stranger to you? NO, we love her!

And my point is made.. Love, not biology, makes a family.

That’s why i love the word Te’Sorthene. English just doesn’t have words to describe my family. It didn’t have a word for email either 30 years ago. Times change and with it language and hopefully people, will evolve.

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