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shove your age appropriate clothing up your ass.

October 7, 2009
Arrgh. Ok. One more time people. No, you don’t get to be your kids BFF. Yes, you have to be the bad guy sometimes and make sure the homework gets done. Healthy boundaries in a parent child relationship are important, as evidenced in a couple of my favorite phrases.
-None of your business
-Go outside and play
-This is for adults, not children
-Because I said so. … Read More
BUT! And this is a HUGE BUT! The authors of the Forbes article are confusing Genx moms refusal to lay down and die after they reach 30 as being evidence of their immaturity. I don’t WANT to ‘grow up’ and wear dockers and shit. I don’t want to stop trying new things. I don’t want to stop being a sexual being. I love my kids, but they aren’t how I define my existence.
And FYI, Gen X is never going to ‘grow up’ as long as the boomers are still alive. This generation has lived their whole life in the shadow of the massive narcissistic clot of the Boomers that has shaped our lives, sucked up our resources, and stymied our opportunities. . If you want to know “why 40 is the new 20”, look at your mom at 40. Does that look like something you want to be? For most Gen Xers, it doesn’t. We are the eternal sulky teenagers, pissed that mom and dad are still calling the fucking shots, just because of the pure numbers of them.
I advocate shooting Boomers for sport. 
Just kidding, Mom!
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