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off the grid: a slightly manic diatribe about the supreme court and my future plans

January 22, 2010

I’m so appalled at this.

They are already corporate puppets, this just makes it clear that no one really cares.

So, how do you live outside the system?

Can you live your life in such a way that the government doesn’t matter?

Work under the table.Don’t get married.  Don’t pay taxes. Trade goods and services. We need to invent a new economy, now and take our country back from the fairy dust they call money. Money isn’t power. Knowledge is power.

Clap if you believe this piece of paper has true value!

When everyone stops believing in it, then what? As we become aware of the constant assault on our minds from corporations, we also become numb to it. This can’t go on forever.

Oh wait, yes it can. The undereducated people breed more, and faster pumping out little consumers.

Dear Goddess,
I’ve been a good mommy for 12 years now. I’ve got 10 more before I can go live in my van again. I was ready for the revolution when I was 18. Hopefully, I’m still ready, but…can we just hold things together till I can get back off the grid? 2020 here i come.

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